Worlds Dirtiest Man Hasn’t Bathed For 60 Years

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Worlds Dirtiest Man Hasn’t Bathed For 60 Years

The Worlds Dirtiest Man - An 80-year-old Iranian, is being called the world's dirtiest man. He Believes, That Been Clean Brings Him Sickness.

The Worlds Dirtiest Man Hasn’t Bathed For 60 Years

"He believes that cleanliness brings him sickness."

Amou Haji age 81, from Iran, hasn’t taken a bath in over 60 years and whilst his face is almost indistinguishable he really doesn’t mind in the slightest.

He used to live everyday life in his village with his family until he began to believe that keeping clean was ruining his health. 

He then made the serious decision to leave his family and his village to embrace a filthier way of living in the pursuit of what he believed to be living a healthier lifestyle.

Amou now resides on the outskirts of town, sleeping like an animal in a hole in the ground or sometimes in the run-down shack a few locals built for him. 

His passionate belief that washing your skin is bad for you is so deeply rooted that, if you ask him about it, he is known to become furious.

There have been 3,120 Saturday bath nights since Amou stopped bathing in 1954, but the soap has still not touched the hermit’s leather-like skin.

Refusing to bathe and distancing himself from other people has become the norm for Amou. In addition to this, Amou eats a very restricted diet and although this may be unsettling to read, Amou swears by his absolutely unique routine!

Amou’s daily choice of foods is the rotting remains of animals that have been killed by cars or have died of natural causes. It is not surprising that Amou doesn’t have too many friends around for dinner as his favourite meal is rotting porcupine meat.

Another strange choice of Amou’s is once he has run out of smoking cigarettes which he has been given by passers-by, he decides to fill his pipe with dried animal faeces and smokes till his heart's content! Yuck!

Despite Amou not believing in using water to clean his own body because he believes “cleanliness is a sickness “, he does believe that drinking a lot of water every single day is the key to health.

That’s why he drinks up to two gallons a day, even though it is out of a rusty can....

Amou does make some kind of effort with his appearance but not in the way me or you would.

Instead of cutting his hair or beard, he takes to a different approach by way of using an open flame, where he carefully burns his hair over the fire until it has reached the length he desires.

Although Amou leads a very different lifestyle to most he is positive in saying that, because he lacks physical possessions, he is happier and freer than the rest of mankind.

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