Women Really Are Better Drivers Than Men - Study Suggests!

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Women Really Are Better Drivers Than Men - Study Suggests!

This research suggests that there ain't no need for a battle of the sexes when it comes to who is the best driver!

Study Suggests Women Really Are Better Drivers!

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

This research suggests that there ain't no need for a battle of the sexes when it comes to who is the best driver!

Long debated of which sex is the best behind a wheel of a car.

Well, officially in a study it has proven that it is female's who take the lead over their male counterparts.

As it is suggested that male drivers apparently have more accidents than their female counterparts.

Which is costing more money for insurance companies when its time for them to cough up after a disputed accident.

Many men love to brag how women just cannot drive,

but I think we've all seen equally both sexes driving poorly, right?

According to research conducted by Confused.com

this is what they had to say.

"Analysing everything from insurance claims to court proceedings for speeding suggests that female drivers are less likely to make a claim and also less likely to commit an offence."

On average, men have paid £3,327 more for their car insurance over the past decade, the report went on to say.

The official figures at the time of the test was even more proof that women are better more careful drivers than men with 585,000 drivers in England that were taken to court in a single year for car accidents and other related motoring offences.

Out of the 585,000 people, just under 80% were all male.

In another study conducted it stated that,

"men are more likely to have bad driving habits - with 23% of male motorists admitting to not indicating when switching lanes compared to just 17% of women."

Data that has been analysed has indeed suggested women are in fact safer on our roads.

It is also backed up again that on average our female counterparts are paying £100 less a year on their insurance premiums.

I was always taught if you spend longer learning something you'll be better educated than those who seemlessly passed more quickly.

Many men pass their test faster than women do.

"More women took their driving test than men last year, but fewer passed."

So, some say that because women spend more time learning to drive they are actually learning for longer and thus, this could be the result as to why women are better drivers.

They have more experience with their instructors who teach them which inturn means they've had longer to practice the rules set out in the highway code.

Of course, this is just what research and studies suggest.

I am sure individually this is still massively open to debate, but it's a perfect article to let your partner have a read to prove women rule the roads.

- At least this is the story for now anyway.

According to other research we have seen it also states more men speed than women do.

So, maybe the males need to slow down and take note on these figures?

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Source - Confused.com

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