Welcome to the World’s Weirdest Jobs

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Welcome to the World’s Weirdest Jobs

Ever Wondered What The Strangest Paying Jobs Are? - Wonder no longer with our top 10 count down.

Welcome to the World’s Weirdest Jobs

New Year, New Job? That’s what most people are thinking when they enter a brand new year full of fresh opportunities. 

Whether it’s for personal circumstances, career progression or a desire to travel more, research shows that 7th January has a reputation for being the most popular day of the year that people go job hunting.

Personally, in my opinion, (although others may disagree), money is not the most important factor when considering a new job prospect. Do you feel the same?

For me it’s about finding a job that you’re passionate about. A job that you literally bounce out of bed for and can’t stop thinking about for all the right reasons- number one being fun, rather than going home with a big stress cloud over your head!

“Life is too short to be anything but happy”.

Factors that job seekers take into account when looking for a new role to ensure happiness and fulfilment in their professional life, include:

• Passion

• Location

• Workplace environment 

• Work/ life balance

 • Job title

• Company culture 

• Opportunities

 • Recognition

• Colleagues 

• Salary

On average British individuals will spend around 81,000 hours, or the equivalent of a full nine years of their lives at work, so it’s extremely important to find a job that ticks all of the boxes that are most important to you.

 “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

So, if you’re feeling a bit bored why not see if any of these weird jobs from around the world take your fancy?

Believe it or not these are actual jobs, done by real people.

In at number 10, we’ve a job I’d absolutely love, queue..


To be honest, I think I’ve nailed this role already! Seriously though, a hotel in Finland hired a member of staff to test the comfort of their beds. She is paid to sleep in a different bed each night and write a review of her satisfaction.


It appears that this job seems to be quite common among the trade. With staff members in the U.K. for various decorating suppliers being paid to watch paint dry.

One staff member says “I put the paint on pieces of cardboard and literally time how long they take to dry with a stop watch. The quickest paint we produce is ready to walk on in less than 30 minutes.

”Hmmm... not sure I’d fancy that one!


If you’ve ever dreamt about a job where you can get paid to sit around and watch Netflix all day in your pyjamas, then this is totally the role for you.

That’s right, Netflix employ people to watch all of their content before it is available to the public.
The employee is referred to as a “Tagger” because they are responsible for helping flag the content into specific categories such as “ Indie Movies with a strong female lead”. This is done by choosing words from a pool of 1,000 to best describe the program. 


In Japan, people are employed as Train Pushers or the nicer term “Oshiyas”.

Their duty is to literally, in the nicest way possible, push passengers onto the trains and subways to make sure every passenger has boarded successfully and prevent people from being caught in the doors during rush hours. Wow what a job!


The role of a professional mourner originally became about in Egyptian, Chinese, Mediterranean and Near Eastern cultures. Nowadays it is mostly seen in China and other Asian countries. 
A professional mourner, as odd as it sounds, is paid to quite simply grieve at a funeral or wake.

The intention is to increase the number of funeral participants, show support for the deceased, and help people deal with a tragedy through other’s expressions of grief.



The role of a Snake Milker is most definitely for the more daring people amongst us.

It involves extracting venom from poisonous snakes so that researchers can produce a variety of different drugs. New medical research suggests that snake venom can be utilised to help in strokes and malignant tumours. The drugs that are created can also help treat blood clots, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

In addition to the creation of drugs, the snake venom can also be used to make anti venom which is then used in hospitals to treat snake bites. 

The types of snakes that are extracted or ‘milked’ include Cobras, Mambas, Vipers, Asps, Corals, Copperheads, Kraits, Sea Snakes and Rattlesnakes.

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This one makes my stomach churn! I remember when I was younger playing truth or dare and a friend of mine was dared to eat dog biscuits and they did it successfully and said it wasn’t that bad!

However eating actually dog food- no thank you! 

But unfortunately it has to be done, because although dogs will eat anything they shouldn’t have to. Just like adults their food should be nutritious, tasty and full of goodness. 

A pet food taster in general is responsible for evaluating the smell, taste and texture of foods for animals.

If they think it doesn’t smell particularly nice and the taste is foul, it’s more than likely that animals won’t touch it.

Bon Appetit!



If you think waking up next to your partner who has a bad case of morning breath is a problem, think again. This job takes it up a whole new level!

It is proven that products that have a scent to them are more likely to influence a person to buy it than those that don’t. 

An odour judge is employed to sniff a

variety of products within various industries including food, alcohol, perfumery, aromatherapy and health and beauty products. Their main aim is to evaluate and sample all types of odours to ensure that products are sellable and fit for purpose. 

A popular favourite scent to sniff is ice cream whereas the worst is sniffing peoples arm pits or breaths to see if the deodorant or mouthwash been used is working as it should!



Marmite - Love it or hate it, that is the question?

Chief Marmite Taster,  St John Skelton of the U.K. spent a whopping 42 years tasting the controversial product as it came off the production line, before he retired in 2016.

Skelton was responsible for checking every 12 tonne batch of marmite

enough to fill 24,000 jars ) to make sure the recipe was spot on for the public. If his sensitive tastebuds did not feel the marmite was up to standard it would be thrown away.

he believes to have sampled the equivalent of 264 million jars of the stuff! 


Last, but by no means least an underwater pizza delivery person!

Sounds pretty fun to me!

Rob Doyle, is employed by Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida, the only underwater hotel in the world. As part of his interesting and unique role , he puts on his scuba gear, places a pizza in a watertight container, and delivers it to the resort’s submerged guests.

Now that’s a pretty cool way to receive your pizza!

So that’s a wrap! I've told you which job I would adopt out of those, what about you?

Do you have an unusual job? if so, we’d love to hear about it, so let us know via the contact us page - If you'd like to support us please Subscribe NOW if you want to checkout more interesting reads and funny stuff hit our home page link here - https://howiamfeelingfunny.com

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