The Edible Anus Chocolate Company

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The Edible Anus Chocolate Company

A company so niche it’ll have you laughing out loud rather than dipping into your pockets and spending money with them.

This Company sells edible bum hole or crack chocolates and can make custom molds based on your own requirements.

This might be a shitty idea, but people are actually buying these based on their own molds, and the owner is profiting from other people's rear ends!

This back end business offers a service for people to get custom molds of their anus for their partner, I mean it's the only person we could get them for right?

Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching upon us, maybe this is a special gift you can pass to your significant other for that special day.

Let's face it, it's a great story to tell your friends down the pub on a weekend and you can be sure that your gift will be unique as with a niche like this I can't see droves of people at the checkout to get stocked up anytime soon.

These anus styled chocolates even come in packaging that says

"Pure Belgian Chocolate." - according to reviews - the chocolate is good, so even if your mold doesn't look great, it'll taste amazing!

Though, in fairness I think this is a craze that's going to be extremely niche in kind and probably only afew will sell to those with a fetish for those tighter things.

I guess this is for people who are too scared to eat the booty for real too! "Haha" - seriously?!

Got to crawl before you can walk.

As one individual said,

"All anuses are edible."

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