Teenager Arrested After Buying PlayStation 4 For Just 8 Euro

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Teenager Arrested After Buying PlayStation 4 For Just 8 Euro

Teenager Arrested After Buying PlayStation 4 For Just 8 Euro

A Teenager is arrested after buying PlayStation 4 for just 8 Euro. Yes, that's correct. Adel managed to get himself a Playstation 4 for just 8 Euro but how did he do this?

We saw a meme shared thousands of times around social media and we picked it up on Facebook to see what substance if any could be found to it, and we sure did find what we were looking for in the news from 2019.

The meme - credit Facebook
The meme - credit Facebook

To understand exactly what happened please keep reading.

Everyone’s at it the self service scam in super markets and they're losing millions.

For an idea of how close to home the issue really is, try mentioning it to your friends, like I did.

Several of mine confessed to pilfering something from a self-checkout machine at some point, though nearly all of those added a caveat: only small stuff.

This young man decided to step his game up in his native country, France.

A French teenager has been jailed after buying a PlayStation 4 for under £8 by weighing it as if the games console was a huge bag of fruit.

The 19-year-old man, named in the French media as Adel, picked the device off the shelf and took it to the fruit section and weighed it.

He then put a sticker with the heavily reduced price tag on the expensive Playststion 4 console and went to the self service checkout.

Adel paid 9 EURO for the 6lb bag of fruit at a self-service checkout at a supermarket in Montbeliard, eastern France.

A new PlayStation 4 at the correct retail price is usually around £280 at the time this crime took place in 2019.

Adel then went on to sell the PlayStation for 100 Euro as a way to pay for a train ticket to get home.

The hapless young thief would have almost got away with the crime if he had not gone and returned to the same shop,

literally the very next day to try and carry out the scam again. (Idiot).

He was arrested by local police and charged with the theft, however he did not appear in court for the offence.

In 2019 at a magistrates court in the town of Montbeliard Adel was sentenced to four months in prison for the theft of the PlayStation 4.

In a recent study a team at Voucher Codes Pro, a sales coupon website, quizzed 2,532 shoppers about their supermarket habits and found that close to a quarter had committed theft at a self-checkout machine at least once.

(A figure from the same report suggested that the total cost of items stolen through self-checkout machines in 2017 came in at more than £3bn, up from £1.6bn in 2014, though the numbers are speculative.)

Some steal by accident, the study found, perhaps on account of a scanning error – honest mistakes.

But many perpetrators know exactly what they’re doing.

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