Not More Flowers? Try A Booze Bouquet - Valentine’s Surprise For 2020

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Not More Flowers? Try A Booze Bouquet - Valentine’s Surprise For 2020

Yes, It's Valentines Day Again! But, It Doesn't Have To Be The Same Traditions. How About A Surprise Booze Bouquet - Try These - Spice Up This Years Special Day!

Not More Flowers - Try A Booze Bouquet

The Ultimate Valentine’s Surprise For 2020!

Valentine’s Day, It is for some a great and wonderful day to spend with their partner, for others its nothing more than a normal day.

But, if you do celebrate Valentines why not do it differently this year in 2020 with a Booze Bouquet rather than the traditional flower arrangement.

We know its another overrated and sometimes for some, a silly thing to do - but its a celebration of tradition to show each other extra loving for one day a year.- However, you see it, and with whoever you choose for your valentine.

This idea only comes in well if you’re in a relationship, obviously. Otherwise, you're wasting all your cash on someone who doesn't even know you spent it on them.

Why do we need to have a designated day each and every year to treat your partner well anyway? - Its fun though isn't it? - Let us know your valentines failures via the contact us page

You'd think that this should naturally happen every day right? for some, I guess that's the case.

It is though, a great excuse to treat yourself or that special person you love or want to surprise to something a little extra special this year.

Heres the idea or concept anyway!

This year, skip the chocolates & do away with the flowers and go straight for the booze bouquet!


One of the great things about boozy bouquet's is, like flowers, you can choose your partners favourite options to go into their selection.

If you're the type of person that loves a whole selection of alcoholic berverages then you can do just that, a full selection of your boozy favourites.

You can get all those variations to make it a personal best. Or, if you prefer one particular alcoholic drink, like Gin or Vodka for instance, you can fill the boozed bizzare bouquet with different brands, whats personal is that It’s up to you!


Don't go Over the top when it comes to the big bottles you can get those 35cl bottles without spending all those pennys in the bank or even many cheaper brands today that taste just like those at the deeper end of the market, besides the biggle the bottle the heavier the boozey bouqet is.

So, it’s probably better to go with the mini bottles for practical reasons after all hey?

Though, I’m not here to rain on your parade. - This is at the end of the day YOUR booze bouquet special day!

let your freak flag fly high!


You can accessorise your booze bouquet, how about some sexy items for the bedroom, or just for fun around the house, you could use other fun extras like shot glasses, and even snacks like pickles,

we've seen them out there already with chicken nuggets, "yes, you seen it here first"

Well, we didn't make one but we have seen a photo of a chicken nugget bouqet here on Facebook - lucky person! (See the photo below)

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

The sky really is your limit!

Think outside of the box this year though and go with anything else you know your recipient would love to receive on Valentines, every special helps!


Like the Chicken Nugget one we mentioned and pictured above, you don't have to run with the boozy bouquet but it does have a ring to it, don't you think?

If your partner doesn’t drink, and many of us don't, that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the beverage based boozed bouqet fun day.

Why not Instead of a booze bouquet, fill their arrangement with non-alcoholic beer or wine's or even their favorite flavoured waters, maybe even an array of fizzy bottled drinks?


If you can think or dream of it, and its within your budget then its not out the question. Make it a fun and special day all at once.

You can do it, so take Valentine’s Day to another level this year.

Everyone loves a change, don't you?

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