My Top Five Marriage Proposals - Valentines Day Almost Here Gents!

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My Top Five Marriage Proposals - Valentines Day Almost Here Gents!

Love It Or Hate It - Many Of Us Do It.

Marriage - Love it or Loathe it, many of us do it!

Will you get married this year?

With Valentine’s Day just over two weeks away now, it’s more than likely that you or your other half are either giving or receiving “subtle” hints about the day and what you would like to do to celebrate the controversial occasion. 

Statistics show that 50% of people participate in the rituals of Valentine’s Day, which can include buying cards, flowers, gifts, dining out or spending a night or two in a hotel.

While it’s nice to treat our loved ones and show them how much we appreciate them I personally tell my partner on a daily basis how much he means to me, not just on Valentine’s Day and I would choose time spent with him over gifts every time.

These figures below are just shocking!!

Evidence suggests that an estimated $20,7 billion is being spent on Valentine's Day in the United States and an estimated £1 billion pounds being spent in the U.K.

Not surprisingly, Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day of the year ( with Christmas Day taking the number one spot) that people get engaged. 

If however 14th February passes by and you aren’t engaged just remember 2020 is  a leap year which for traditionalists means a woman is

allowed to take her destiny in her own hands and ask a man to marry her.

This tradition came about in the 5th century when an Irish nun called St Bridget complained to St Patrick that women had to wait too long for their suitors to propose. So, they struck a deal that on 29th February which occurs once every four years, women were allowed to propose.

If you’re reading this and feel like you could do with some inspiration have a look at our countdown of some of our favourite marriage proposals we’ve rounded up from around the world. 

# 5  A common theme for a marriage proposal is in a boat on a lake with beautiful scenery, however this proposal taking place at Central Park Lake was different to the norm. A woman was taken by surprise by her girlfriend when she used the help of their friends and family to create a colourful display of umbrellas which spelled out the marriage proposal.The proposer stated “I decided on the umbrella idea because I thought it would be the most visually beautiful and I thought by having us out on the rowboat it would be a little more private”.

Credit: Andrew Jive
Credit: Andrew Jive

# 4 Brett Breuter from Colorado declared his love to his girlfriend Megan Loosli by writing “I love you” on 8,000 three-by-three-inch squares of paper and used them to wallpaper her front room while she was at work. With the assistance from his dad they were able to pull off the creative display in time, completing the proposal with pasting brightly coloured post it notes over the top reading the important phrase

“will you marry me?

# 3 “ My boyfriend got all our family members to have a photo of them holding up a letter.

He hid them around the house as a scavenger hunt. Though she probably knew pretty soon into the game what the sentence was going to say,

I still imagine it was fun and I love the fact he got family members involved

 # 2 This adorable classroom proposal deserves an A* in our book. In 2016 Samuel Nalbandian proposed to his teacher girlfriend Jennifer Lai with the help of her students.While Jennifer was teaching in another classroom, her soon to be fiancé, students and head teacher were all planning the big surprise. When Jennifer returned to her classroom she was presented with a video called “ A Samifer Special” which Jennifer's family had put together, re-enacting her first few dates with Sam.

It was accurate down to every last detail; the clothes, the food, the conversation.

After the video, all the kids stood up, each holding a letter to spell out the words “

Will you marry me?"

That’s when Sam entered with a bouquet and got down on one knee. After the proposal Jennifer said “"I am not an easy person to surprise. I catch on to things pretty quickly and my intuitive nature tends to make sirens go off in my head before anything has even happened."

That makes it all the more impressive that Sam was able to pull off the surprise without a hitch. Jennifer said the children were extremely giddy and squealing with excitement, and the following week presented her with lots of cards and gifts celebrating their engagement.

# 1 Sealing the deal with our favourite marriage proposal is this cute story. In the summer of 2012, 26 year old Tim Kaijala took his running partner girlfriend on a run that ended at the place where they first met. Once the unusual route had been completed, he showed his girlfriend Joanne Bohkle his GPS map on his phone and the very cleverly planned out route they had run- revealing the unexpected message

“ Marry me?”!

She said YES and they married in the following spring.

If you have any cute/romantic or funny marriage proposals of your own we would love to hear about them and share them with our readers! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and sign up to our newsletter.

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