Coins That Allow You To Literally Give Zero Fucks Trending

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Coins That Allow You To Literally Give Zero Fucks Trending

"To give a fuck, or not to give a fuck – That is the question"

Coins That Allow You To Literally Give Zero Fucks Trending

Justin Heister thought it’d be hilarious to actually physically give his friends ‘ zero fucks ’.

The Orlando, Florida based entrepreneur decided the best way to do just that would be to have some coins printed up.

Fittingly, he called them Zero Fucks Coins and the people of Kickstarter started backing him.

Statement of use.

“A lot of people buy them as gag gifts, birthday gifts. I’ve seen people leave them for as tips for really bad service we've all been there,” he said.

Justin’s coin idea was all in good fun originally. The funniest of things can sometimes be the best ideas regardless of how niche it is.

This site is selling Zero Fucks in droves!

The Shite Service Shit Coin Below can be bought here -

“I wanted to make them because I could use them with friends to have fun as we initially did especially handing them out.

However, Kickstarter which is a crowdfunding site turned it into a legit business where the realisation hit that this was something many people like too, so Zero Fucks began to officially serve us.

I’m not just the only individual out there which is apparent that wants to give zero fucks ,” Heister laughed.

The current Kickstarter campaign raised $81,000 in total after setting the goal at a mere $4,000.

This has now enabled Heister to now focus towards designing new coins to add to the Zero Fucks collection which anyone can now BUY ZERO FUCKS

These are good for personal use, or to give out as gifts or use wherever you want.

Join the trend and head over to Zero Fucks to buy yours today. -

We love to hear about new niche ideas, this was just that. It is now a profitable business for this mad but fun idea.

Why not get in touch and tell us your story of how your business began or, if you have another story about anything we still want to hear it and it'll be read by over 50,000 readers a week we currently get. contact us

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