Brexit Day: What To Know When The U.K. Leaves The EU

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Brexit Day: What To Know When The U.K. Leaves The EU

Brexit Day: UK prepares to leave the EU within hours

Brexit Day: What To Know When The U.K. Leaves The EU

More than 3 1/2 years after the landmark Brexit referendum, the United Kingdom will finally leave the European Union at 11 p.m. GMT on Friday.

Well, we finally get what the people asked for, back in 2016.

The United Kingdom’s divorce with the European Union, better known as Brexit has become a drawn-out, contentious affair without a resolution until now.

Is this the right choice? - I think since the votes were in favour of it, then it's fair to say we should go along with it.

It is indeed signed by all parties now and we are set to come out of it tomorrow with the transitional period lasting until 31st December 2020.

Top Things You're Going To Notice.

If you watch the news you'll notice no more EU summits taking place, since our now Prime Minister, Boris Johnson would need to be specially invited if he wanted to join other leaders at the EU summits in the future.

We're going to be hearing a lot more about 'Trade deals'

The UK will be able to start talking to countries around the world about setting new rules for buying and selling goods and services.

It has not been allowed to hold formal trade negotiations with countries like the US and Australia while it remained an EU member.

Brexit supporters argue that having the freedom to set its own trade policy will boost the UK's economy.

What do you think? - We managed before.

After more than 30 years the Blue passport will be making a return, you will not need to change your current one, and it will be fine until it expires.

To mark the occasion we have the new 50p Brexit coins bearing the date "31 January" and the inscription:

"Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations",

it shall be entering into circulation on 31st January - Friday.

Obviously, we will have no need for the UK's Brexit department any longer and it will subsequently be closed down, not that this is something you'll actually notice. - But, its happening anyway.

The Department for Exiting the European Union was set up by former Prime Minister Theresa May in 2016.

Germany has said that it won't extradite any of it's citizens to the UK, so, criminals won't have to face justice here without a lot of pressure, even still it just may not happen as we depart the EU.

Note: Germany's constitution does not allow its citizens to be extradited unless it's to another EU country.

Travel, Valid Passports, European Health Insurance Cards And Driving Licenses for now will remain the same.

Freedom of movement will continue to apply during the transition, so UK nationals will still be able to live and work in the EU as they currently do.

UK nationals living in the EU will continue to receive their state pension and will also receive the annual increase.

For trade, UK-EU trade will continue without any extra charges or checks being introduced.

The above will remain the same until at least 31 December 2020.

Brexit Day I am sure will be celebrated since it's a weekend and we've been hearing about this day for too many months that rolled into years!

What're your thoughts on the situation? - Personally, I am glad it's finally happening,

I really did think it was never going to happen, at least not for the next few years!

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