Bizarre Pills That Contain Shiny Bits Of Glitter To Make You Poo Prettier

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Bizarre Pills That Contain Shiny Bits Of Glitter To Make You Poo Prettier

People Are Eating Glitter Pills to Make Their Poo Sparkle!

A lovely read for those of you that have clicked on the glitter pills article, you must be curious, right?

Glitter Pills To Make Your Poo Shine!
Glitter Pills To Make Your Poo Shine!

People Are Eating Glitter Pills to Make Their Poo Sparkle.

An apparent truth;

For every 100 people on the Internet jokingly claiming they’ll try something, there is inevitably one guy who really means it. When this person does swallow a handful of capsules filled with glitter, what can he or she expect?

We haven’t seen any visual evidence of glittery human feces, which is probably for the best.

Have you ever wanted to make your poo sparkle?

This is probably an absolutely not moment for you.

Don’t worry, it’s for sure one of the most bizarre business ideas that’s ever seen the light of day. However strange though, people are actually buying these to see their s**t shine.

Spices up your bathroom business
Spices up your bathroom business "lol"

A business idea is to simply profit from happy faces seeing their poo shine back at them with glittery bliss.

As strange as this is these are selling in the 1000's to everyone that, supposedly, wants to make their poo glittery and pretty.

Weird huh?

The shiny glittery sh*t pills do come with a warning on the front;

"For decoration only and not for human consumption."

Poo Glitter Pills
Poo Glitter Pills

Still, people are eating them anyway for their glittery sparkly bathroom number twos!

How weird is that?!

Fancy pills, and the theoretical fancy faeces that follow them aren’t exactly a new idea when it comes to all things glitter!

If you want to see your sh*t shine all glittery then this is what you’ll want to add to your New Year 2020 Shopping list.


The scientific literature has yet to address the phenomenon of glitter poo pills. We’ve discovered firsthand that it’s a subject on which the medical community at large is understandably reluctant to comment.

Glitter Pills
Glitter Pills

Simply put, having a taste of the stuff won’t kill you, but no one’s suggesting you casually snack on it, either. It’s also unclear exactly how much glitter you’d need to eat to produce a turd worthy of Tinkerbell—just as it’s equally unclear how much you’d need to eat to disrupt the comfortable, optimal functioning of your bowels.

Incase you'd like to buy them we have even left you a link to check them out yourself!

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