A Father Got a Tattoo of His Daughter’s Final Drawing Before She Died At A Young Age.

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A Father Got a Tattoo of His Daughter’s Final Drawing Before She Died At A Young Age.

Tattoo of his daughter’s final drawing - Plus readers tattoo forever memories!

The Internet & Social Media Has Gone Crazy With This Image - Many More Have Followed Since!

The death of a loved one is tragic and devastating.

The unexpected death of a young child is exceptionally gut-wrenching.

The loss of a child is a parent’s worst nightmare no matter the age.

This picture has been on social media before but it was never verified as true.

We can confirm it is true and what a lovely gesture to have done to remember the final precious moments you had with your little one before they sadly passed away.

Heart touching tattoo tribute
Heart touching tattoo tribute

users are praising the father for memorializing his daughter in a touching tattoo tribute.

It must be painful to remember a child who has died.
However, we can only assume that having his baby girl’s artwork on him forever will bring him some solace as he moves through the world thinking about his daughter and the unconditional love she gave him.

It is a sad fact of life that we will all die one day, or lose someone close to our hearts too soon.

Life is a creation of one's story, and death is to remember their creation.

No matter how much you want to avoid it, it is going to happen. How we handle it is another story.

Some people never fully recover from the death of a loved one.

Others manage the pain with grace, we do however all share one thing and that is memories of those we have lost that stay with us forever.

This father has made sure his daughter will live with him as long as he lives.

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A readers story and heart touching memory below.

Remembering my son, Tanner.

My son Tanner passed away 8 days after he was in a tragic car accident. (Oct.1, 2017)

He was only 22 years old.

The hospital cared enough to ask me if I wanted a copy of his last heartbeat.

I have a tattoo with his initials( tm ) connected to his last heartbeat on the side of my wrist to remember him by.

❤️Cyndi M

Cyndi M Photos
Cyndi M Photos

Heart Touching Forever Lasting Memories.
Heart Touching Forever Lasting Memories.

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